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Fitting your bagpipe with a water trap is absolutely essential to reduce the amount of moisture getting to your reeds. It also reflexes your hot, moist breath to the back of the bag and away from your reeds. My Moisture Tube has been specifically designed as an effective, lightweight, moisture control system that works without the use of silica gels.

Please note there is also an Imitation Ivory Spilt Stock option as shown in the picture.

Considering Switching from Bottle Trap?

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This product offers the same wonderful features of the Moisture Tube (MT2) but is designed for hide/sheepskin bags using the split stock.

Please note there is also an Imitation Ivory Spilt Stock option as shown in the picture.

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Split Stock Moisture Tube Instructions 1

Split Stock Moisture Tube Instructions 1

Install your split stock as per a normal pipe bag stock.

Cartridge Section
The cartridge section is comprised of two parts – the cartridge itself and the cartridge connector. Push the cartridge onto the cartridge connector. These parts should be kept intact unless you wish to remove the cloth to dry. To remove the cartridge section from the cartridge connector, grasp the cartridge and gently twist apart from the cartridge connector.

Cartridge/Cloth and Air Reductions
The system has a number of built in air reductions.
1. The smaller diameter bore through the cartridge connector.
2. The grill inserted into the end of the cartridge connector.
3. The series of small holes in the cartridge itself. These holes should always be facing upwards in your bag.

Moisture Tube Instructions 2

Moisture Tube Instructions 2

The system can be used without the cloth but a lot of condensation will be created by the air passing through the small holes in the cartridge and the condensation will collect in the bottom of the cartridge.

If the cloth is inserted in the bottom of the cartridge, this will help absorb the majority of the moisture.

The supplied cloth is breathable and can be moved and adjusted to cover the small holes in the cartridge. This applies another obstacle to your hot air, and will create a lot more condensation taking moisture and heat out of the air before it enters the bag. However for some people this might be too restrictive and therefore you can adjust the cloth to cover all of the holes, part of the holes or no holes, to get the desired balance between restriction and moisture removal.

Drying the Cloth
An easy way to dry the system after playing and before placing into the pipe case is to remove the cartridge and either place it onto or near a heat source (e.g. a radiator or drying cupboard) or remove the cloth and dry it separately. The system is supplied with an additional piece of cloth. Spare cartridges and cloths can be purchased.

Stock Connector and Tube
The stock connector and tube should be removed periodically for cleaning.





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  1. Callum Beaumont

    Absolutely love it. I can see a huge difference in the amount of moisture going to the chanter reed. For someone that is an extremely wet blower it is a huge improvement for me.

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