Highland Reeds utilise an improved NZ Wool Filter system

  • Improved Filter includes Virus Protection.
  • Effectively Absorbs Moisture and easy drying process.
  • Provides filtered air which clarifies sound and increases Harmonic’s.

Who would think that a New Zealand wool filter used by Nasa in its space craft would be the answer for controlling moisture and sound as well as a virus filter for the Great Highland Bagpipe? After years of testing, Nasa found that New Zealand Merino wool was the ideal material to absorb moisture and filter the air in the event of fire in its space craft. Highland Reeds is now using this same filter.

The HELIX.iso™ Filter is an innovative, natural wool filter that harnesses the unique properties of New Zealand wool. With this filter in my products, you have a high level of protection from airborne viruses like Coronavirus. The wool used in the HELIX Filter Cloth is environmentally sustainable, naturally resistant to bacteria with excellent moisture wicking properties.

The HELIX 180 Filter Cloth used in my products takes out 99% of particles and viruses larger than 0.3 microns and is made from natural Merino sheep wool.


To view the extra ordinary qualities of the HELIX 180 Filter Cloth, see the video opposite.

Pipers using this cloth can play with every confidence – and their audience can enjoy the performance, too, safe in the knowledge that viruses are filtered out to greatly reduce any virus transmission while the piper plays.

In addition to filtering out viruses and particles, the clean air also results in more clarity in the overall sound of the instrument.

View the products fitted with the new filter cloth below.


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