High Resonance 3 Reeds
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Highland Reeds products are designed and produced by Major (Retd) Bruce Hitchings MBE BEM. These bagpipe products are designed to make your life as a piper easier.

I’m delighted that my experiences over a lifetime of playing bagpipes at the highest level have led me to develop a unique product line that allows you to enjoy your piping.

When developing Highland Reeds bagpipe products, I have one aim in mind – to give you great, steady tonal quality, every time you play.

My products are hand-assembled and set-up prior to dispatch; they arrive at your door ready to play and they are guaranteed against mechanical failure for two years.

I’m committed to quality service and my aim is to ensure that all my customers are satisfied. Please look at the videos on my website as you will find them indispensable in understanding your own tone. It gives me a sense of pride to provide you with products that will save you time and help create the sound you’ve always wanted.

— Bruce Hitchings