John R Patterson

John was taught the Bagpipes by his Father Jim Patterson. Aged  12 Gained a 2nd prize in the Novice  at The Hasting Highland Games giving an appetite for competing Solo.  At the age of 18 John was promoted to the A grade winning  prizes. Was asked by Pipe Major Frank McKinnon to join The City of Wellington Pipe Band, New Zealands Champion Pipe Band. Has had Tuition from Donald Bain, Murray Henderson, Lewis Turrell & Piobaireachd from Sir Ian McKay.

With 50 years experience, John  has performed in Celtic Festivals in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, and including four annual events of Scotland’s famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo. For 10yrs Street Performed in Edinburgh & Stirling.

John Patterson

When my Father presented me, as an 11yr old, his own MacDougall Bagpipes he gave me 2 instructions. First was choosing reeds. He said because of the Bore size to pick reeds with the largest diameter being free to vibrate cutting off when you blew hard. Second was never to get the different sections of the Tenors mixed up as they had different Bores & lengths. I played Cane reeds up to 2002 & was always complimented on the Drone Sound. Putting in Highland Reeds Balance tone Reeds for the first time, immediately the Bagpipe was easier to blow and no apparent change in sound. I have played them in Bands & off coarse as a Solo Instrument. I have always play them with the Moisture Tube, MCS & drone Valves.Busking up to 3hrs a day in Edinburgh The Bagpipe  sound was completely Stable with no moisture problems. Now 18yrs on The Pipes are a pleasure play, quick to get Resonance & each note Harmonising with the Drones.

– John R Patterson – New Zealand / Scotland

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