The following includes some of the interviews I’ve given as well as events where I’ve playing or taught. I am still building this section and welcome any media you’d be happy for us to use or link to please email them to me, including a caption of event and date.

Many thanks

– Bruce Hitchings


Noting the Tradition

The National Piping Centre undertook an oral history project called “Noting The Tradition”. This involved undertaking oral history interviews with people who have been involved in piping at all levels and all over Scotland in the past 50 years. This recording was published September 2012.

Pipers Persuasion

Pipers’ Persuasion is a collection of exclusive video interviews with some of the greatest and most influential piping and drumming personalities of the modern era. Allan Hamilton of Kilmarnock is the brains and brawn behind Pipers’ Persuasion. A lifelong piper; Allan at his peak played with the world famous City of Glasgow Police Pipe Band, later to become Strathclyde Police Pipe Band.


Duke of Edinburgh tribute from Germany

My friend Dietmar Fahrenwald sent me this photo which was taken last weekend when the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral was taking place. It shows the Union Jack at half mast. The photo was taken in front of Dietmar’s church, St. George’s Anglican, former Garrison Church of the Berlin Infantry Regiment.

2017 Workshop at Sue and Burr’s

Images taken in 2017 at Los Gatos at the home of Sue and Burr Nissen. Great day with great people.

Teaching in Germany

Images taken at various teaching events in Germany starting with my class at Bagpipe Association Germany, Breuberg Castle,  2017. Looking to add more, so please continue to send me any images you have from any events.

Memory Lane

Starting collecting some older pictures of memories through the years, thanks to everyone who keeps sending them in, please continue to send me images, it’s much appreciated.

Teaching in Hong Kong

Fred Kew kindly sent these images taken in Hong Kong whilst teaching at Summer School in 2018 and 2019, accompanied by Robert Watt and Brain Alexander.

Jim Thomson School of Piping and Drumming

Robert Shlaer  kindly sent these images taken during the Jim Thomson School of Piping and Drumming at Flagstaff, Arizona in 2012.

Brüggen Winterschool

René Sijmons from recorded Heroes of Kohima at the Brüggen Winterschool in 2014 Thanks for sending the file René