Patrick Molard (Updated with YouTube Video)

Patrick Molard comes from a long and extremely rich tradition of Breton pipers who have embraced the Highland pipe in their native France and helped to expand both the Breton and Highland piping traditions.

Patrick Molard
Patrick Molard

Bruce, I was just having a tune again this morning and wanted to let you know, the reeds just lock in as one sound.

Terrific! My Donald MacDonald drones hardly need any tuning at all , they are rocksteady, and the strike in is perfect.

Great harmonics in both bass and tenors .

I’ve attached a recording for you. It is my Alexander Glen replica by Pierre Blanchet, they are in the pitch of A, and the reeds I play are the extra long reeds purchased from you some time ago. The A chanter was made by Hamish Moore, and the reed of course is a Frater reed with a practice chanter staple .

The tunes come from Angus MacKay’s unpublished manuscript of Ceol beag.

Hi Bruce, received the reeds and the handfree carrier this morning , thank you so much .

I have tried the reeds on my MacDougall set and on my Donald MacDonald replica by Pierre , and the result is fantastic .

So steady , beautiful tone , impossible to guess that it is not cane . I attach 2 recordings , one is with my MacDougall set ( they used to belong to Andrew Frater ) with a Botuha chanter , and the second is my DMcD replica by Pierre with a new Roddy MacLeod chanter which I bought last August .

– Patrick Molard
Patrick playing Struan Robertson’s Salute
Patrick playing MacIntosh’s Banner
Playing the Donald MacDonald setting of Lament for the children on my replica by Pierre Blanchet of the 1806 Donald Mac Donald set of pipes which is in the Edinburgh National Museum.
The chanter reed is a Frater reed , and Bruce made the drone reeds.


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