Chanter Moisture Control System

The Chanter Moisture Control System (CMCS) has been designed to reduce moisture from your pipe bag before it gets to your chanter reed. Air is taken through the gel filled cartridge section, on through the flexi-tube and connects to the chanter stock.

The Chanter Moisture Control System complements Highland Reed’s Drone Moisture Control System and offers the following benefits:

  • Keeps chanter reed drier so you can play longer
  • Gives consistency of air flow to the chanter
  • Non-bulky, lightweight system
  • Lies on the bottom of the bag
  • Easy to install, remove and maintain
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The Chanter Moisture Control System (CMCS) has been designed to reduce moisture from your pipe bag before it gets to your chanter reed. Air is taken through the gel filled cartridge section, on through the flexi-tube and connects to the chanter stock.

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Chanter Moisture Control Instruction 1


Chanter Moisture Control Instruction 2Stock Connector and Flexi-Tube
A tight fit of the CMCS4 is essential to optimise the benefits of the system. Do not separate the stock connector from the flexi-tube. To ensure a tight fit, apply waxed hemp to the stock connector and then insert it (complete with its flexi-tube) firmly into the chanter stock. An easy way to do this is to remove the chanter itself and hemp the stock connector up to the outside end of the chanter stock. It may take some adjustment until you are satisfied with the connection. You are now ready to fit the cartridge section onto the flexi-tube.


Chanter Moisture Control Instruction 3Fitting with the Rubber Cup
Take the chanter stock out of the bag. Fit the rubber cup into the groove at the top of the chanter stock; tape to secure a good fit if necessary. Re-fit the chanter stock as normal. If your bag has an O-ring and clamp, place the O-ring alongside the rubber cup in the groove and clamp over both. (See your bag manufacturer’s recommended instructions for refitting the chanter stock.) Once correctly fitted, the stock connector and flexi-tube can simply be slipped into the rubber cup through the zip in the bag.


Cartridge Section
The cartridge section is comprised of two parts – the cartridge itself and the cartridge connector. Push the cartridge onto the cartridge connector. Push the cartridge connector into the flexi-tube. These parts should be kept intact unless you wish to remove or dry the granules. To remove the cartridge section from the flexi-tube grasp the cartridge by the cartridge connector and gently twist apart from the flexi-tube. Care must be taken when removing the cartridge from the flexi-tube to keep the cartridge connector in place to prevent the granules in the cartridge from being spilled. To remove the granules, carefully twist off the cartridge connector from the cartridge.

Between playing times keep the stock connector and flexi-tube in place (as one piece) in your pipe bag and remove the cartridge section as one piece.

Chanter Moisture Control Instruction 4

Cartridge and Granules
To prolong the effectiveness of your CMCS4, the silica granules should be removed periodically from the cartridge for drying. Keep in mind that chanter reeds perform better with some moisture. The quantity of granules you have in the cartridge will effect the amount of moisture that gets to your chanter reed. The system will work with no granules or up to 100% granules. So you will need to experiment with the quantity of granules in your cartridge to get your optimum amount. Spare granules have been provided for you if needed to reach your optimum quantity, and to rotate the contents of the cartridge.

When you start to get a build up of moisture on your chanter reed, it is time to change or dry your granules. The amount of playing time you get from your system will depend largely on the climatic conditions you are playing in and how wet of blower you are. Silica is tough and hard and drinks up moisture by attracting and holding water molecules in its pores. Even when saturated with absorbed moisture, silica granules look and feel dry to the touch however you may notice an increase in their weight. Silica can absorb about 40% of its weight in moisture. Once the granules are saturated, you can get rid of the moisture by drying or regenerating them.


The cartridge section should always be removed from the bagpipes before placing into the pipe case. An easy way to dry the system after playing is to place the cartridge still filled with granules onto or near a heat source (e.g. a radiator or drying cupboard) and leave for a considerable amount of time until the granules are dry. Then store appropriately. If this method is used regularly the granules will stay in a good condition. It might however become necessary to completely regenerate the granules occasionally using the method below.


Granule Regeneration
Regeneration is achieved by heating the silica granules to drive off the absorbed water as steam. For greatest efficiency of regeneration, expose as much surface area of the granules as possible. Put a thin layer on a metal or glass (1/4” Pyrex) tray and heat them at 250-280 degrees Fahrenheit or 150-160 degrees Celsius. (Use a tray specifically designated for the granules as they may absorb residues from baking or cooking trays.) Depending on how wet the granules are, experiment with what time works for you, it could be up to 30-50 minutes or much less. Silica granules get very hot during the regeneration process. When regenerated, allow the granules to thoroughly cool before refilling your cartridges.


Granule Storage
Store dried/regenerated granules and cartridges in a zip-lock bag or airtight container, until required for further use. Try to limit the amount of moisture coming into the area of the granules as the silica absorbs moisture from the outside air. If the granules are not completely dry when starting to play your pipes the system will not act as efficiently and playing time will be lessened.


Stock Connector and Flexi-Tube
The stock connector and flexi-tube should be removed periodically for cleaning





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