Trade Price Increase 2021

Please find attached copy of the our new trade prices for 2021.

There are three reasons why I am increasing my prices.

  1. I have spent years developing my product and continually striving and making alterations, improvements to them.   This has involved a lot of research and time to gain the knowledge an understanding on how the sound is created and affected by the reed. Every part of the reed is vital, from the length, diameter, tongue, plugs, aperture, and the bridle, not to mention the material they are made from. Everything has an effect and when you alter one aspect you affect other aspects.   It is only through this knowledge that I have been able to perfect the outstanding quality of the products I have today.

    My unique design overcomes many of the disadvantages of other reeds.  In the last few years, I have made some major alterations.  In 2018 I wanted to move the aperture’s 1/8 of an inch higher on the reed.  This involved putting metal back on to the moulding tool.   Not a simple or cheap process.   Whilst doing this it altered the curvature on the reed body. To rectify this, it took a lot of trial and error, frustration, test and adjustments and a cost of over £9,500.  In 2019 I wanted to shorten the reeds by 5 millimetres to help with the pitch of the reeds to suit the high pitch pipe bands play at these days, another £4,500.   I made all these sacrifices and many others to perfect my products.

  2. I have not increased my prices since 2016.  Most of us probably don’t charge anywhere enough for what we should really be earning for producing these products.  Particularly when you take into consideration the research and development I have done as opposed to a number of manufacturers who have just copied a product and bring nothing new to the industry.   My moisture control system and moisture tubes have been copied by using cheap plastic tubing and fittings brought from the Internet.   These are normally sold for about the same price as my own products although they are manufactured for far less and have no research or development investment and no machining or moulding tool costs.  Others have bought products to the market that I have tried and not gone on to develop as a product, as they either don’t work or they create other issues.

  3. I turn 65 last year and would officially be classed as a pensioner if the government had not changed the rules and made it 66 to qualify for the pension.  I intend to slow down a little and enjoy my Golden Years.   So, having spent so much time developing my products I believe I should be paid a fair price for them. If people don’t appreciate the difference in a high-quality product produce specifically for the bagpipe, then they don’t need to buy it. From February this year I intend to spend a lot more time in the USA.  Delivery times will be 6 to 8 weeks and if I’m enjoying myself it could be longer.   Please ensure you order in plenty of time.  I intend to operate a USA and UK Highland Reeds.




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