Richard Winslow – USA

Dear Bruce,

I received the new design reeds yesterday and they were in my pipes today.

I’m getting an excellent balance in my, circa, 1930 Lawries, Good stability, all of this is right out of the box.

The chanter and tune was consistent across the sound files, to asses the drones against a constant standard.

In each set of drones the reeds were ‘plug and play’, adjusted only for:

– Strength / back pressure of each drone

– Tuning position by sliding the body of the reed up or down

Balance Tone are the easiest way to obtain truly rich harmonics in virtually any set of drones.

I have, personally, had them in Hardie, Lawrie and Sinclair instruments with excellent results. 

They are easy to work with, fantastically adjustable, stable and durable.

To my mind, the best synthetic reed on the market, hands down.

Richard Winslow

30’s Lawrie drones
50’s Sinclair drones
90’s Miller drones from James Miller, loosely based on 1905 Lawries